Research Fellowship

The mission of Region360’s volunteer Research Fellowship is to contribute to the professional and intellectual development of a new generation of sustainability and climate change policy professionals in Latin America through exposure to the latest knowledge and skills in sustainability and climate change policy and practical experience in policy research.

Research Fellowship Vision

We seek to develop a safe space where potential leaders in sustainability can explore, train, launch ideas, and engage with policy sectors working for a sustainable future in Latin America. By providing free training in the latest concepts in sustainability practice, climate change adaptation and mitigation, the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, and leadership skills we expect to support the development of a new generation of young leaders (from the north and the south) committed to a sustainable vision for Latin America.

Our Fellowship recruits early to mid-career professionals from North, Central and South America from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in developing their professional and research skills for a career in climate change research and policy focused on improving Latin American societies.

The fellowship is a volunteer opportunity, training is provided free-of-charge. The fellowship is managed from Washington, DC but all work can be conducted remotely.

Learning Outcomes

After participation in Region360’s Research Fellowship, Fellows will be equipped with the following skills and capacities: Training in the core concepts and history of sustainability policy and the development of the UN’s frameworks and conventions governing sustainability (including core concepts on the Paris Agreement; the Agenda 2030; and the IPCC); training in the core concepts of climate change science and prospects for mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts; exposure to current developments in the sector of sustainability policy in Latin America; training in core notions of hydrology and climatology as applied to the Latin American context; and training in the core notions of climate justice notions in Latin America. In addition, fellows will obtain exposure to basic skills in sustainable economies through the lens of environmental engineering and industrial ecology. Fellows are trained in the core research methods in the social sciences applied to sustainability, sustainability policy, and they also gain the technical skills in data science and GIS technologies for sustainability. The fellowship also includes basic exposure to core leadership and career development skills, including program design and management and the core competencies required for a career in sustainability.


We review applications on a rolling basis from candidates with the following profile: mid-20’s to mid 30’s; graduate degree or two years or career experience post-BA; North American candidates must be bilingual or have strong reading and writing skills in Spanish; Latin American candidates must have a basic working knowledge of English to read academic and policy literature in English; demonstrated commitment and/or interest in sustainability and to Latin America. If you would like to apply, submit a resume or CV and a writing sample to Applications without those materials will not be reviewed.

Call for Applications 

The volunteer Research Fellowship is a volunteer opportunity, training is provided free-of-charge. The fellowship is managed from Washington, DC but all work can be conducted remotely.

For a detailed description of the Fellowship and how to apply visit the following page:

Volunteer with the Climate Policy Lab

Volunteer with the Water Justice Lab

Undergraduate Internships

If you are currently an undergraduate student we have volunteer opportunities through internships as Research, Communications, or Education Assistants. Training is freeof-charge and volunteers have the opportunity to pursue individualized research projects to enhance their research skills and exposure to basic climate policy issues in Latin America.

Support the Fellowship: Senior Research Advisors 

If you are a seasoned expert with decades of experience or an advanced degree in environmental/climate change/sustainability issues and would like to support Region360, please email to learn about our pro-bono Senior Research Advisor opportunities.